On November 30th I place my order on Mercari and the site says that within 3 days I will receive my merchandise, It was not truth after 8 days trying to contact them, phone calls left messages with no luck. GetHuman suggested I post my complain on Facebook, which I did it. Less than half an hour later Mercari called me.
May 25, 2012 · I t's very difficult to get sacked in the UK – or so many commentators would have you believe. Employers are tied up in knots of red tape while employees have the upper hand. The idea that "make ...
Mar 30, 2019 · I tried your 5 hour pork butt recipe and it has great. I smoked 2x 7lb bone-in butts on my Traeger smoker. They were right at 165 after 3 hours, wrapped and in 5 1/2 hours they were like butter. Yes- you sacrifice color and that really great smoke ring that you get after 12-14 hours but the meat was amazingly tender. After we lost my Dad, my mom told me "You never get over it" and I realize how right she was. Both of my folks have been gone since the early 80's and this weekend I put to rest my beautiful wife of only 10 months (August 17, 2008). The fact that we worked in the same place, which is where we met, is going to be a mixed bag.
Aug 05, 2008 · Some teams summitted in darkness after 8.00 p.m., according to Nazir Sabir, president of the Alpine Club of Pakistan. But calamity hit, as it so often does on K2, on the descent after summiting.
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