BTD6 | NEW BIG BLOONS UPDATE! HOW TO GET HUGE BLOONS! (Bloons TD 6 10.0)Hey everyone, ThoriumHD / Thorium HD here! With this brand new 10.0 update in BTD6, y...
ORDER BTD6 here: Tower Defense 6 gameplay is officially here! Here is gameplay of the new BAD bloon on round 100 that is the ...
Doppel - ㅣ Barb / High ㅣ - Blossom Blader (dealer) [big sword + trinket], blossom vaivora, demon gungho set or goddess channel set. Iron Saga Pilot List. Finish through the tutorial->tap the menu icon at the top right->Option->Account Setting->Link (Google or Facebook). actors I really liked! loany 2 days ago. The Big Airship of Doom (commonly known as the B.A.D.) is a large purple M.O.A.B. Class Bloon that made its first appearance in BTD6, and also appears in Bloons Adventure Time TD. The B.A.D. is also the strongest non- Boss Bloon in the game with a massive RBE of 55,760.
The Big One is the final upgrade on path 1 for the Mortar Tower. It makes the Mortar Tower generate giant explosions that pops 5 layers of bloons, pop black bloons and zebra bloons and have popping power increased to 100. It can pop black and zebra bloons because it uses Bloontonium. Trivia Edit
44 mag snub revolver
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